8 lbs!

My baby girl is 8 lbs today, another milestone! We had her 4 month checkup this week and the doctor noted she had started to fall off the growth chart, so I have started giving her a couple bottles of breastmilk daily in addition to nursing. Not only has her weight picked up but she has been less fussy! Paityn had her 4 year checkup as well and she is doing great. She is kind of small (25th percentile in weight and height) but the doctor said that’s fine. Funny since as a baby she was in the 90th percentile for height!

Christmas shopping is all done and the wait has begun in ernest. Paityn is so excited she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Just a few more days! 🙂










7 1/2 lbs

My lil munchkin is 7 lbs 8 oz and doing great! She has outgrown her preemie clothes and even wearing 0-3 mos now. She does continue to have tummy trouble so I started giving her Colic Calm which is an homeopathic medication and it has worked wonders! So much so that I no longer have to give her the Axid for reflux, woot! She is a breastfeeding champ and we no longer have to use any bottles. I am overwhelmed each day by how very blessed we are and continue to thank God every day for this great miracle. 🙂


My lil munchkin is 7 lbs 5 oz and doing great! We took Christmas pics the other day and Paityn and Kaitlyn wore matching red dresses…so cute! Christmas is officially underway…







Grrrr I spent 20 minutes writing a post and it crashed on me!!!! Short version of my previous story: pulmonologist visit went well – 99% sats in his office. We have to use the apnea monitor for one week then we are officially done! Woot!