Long time no update

I’ve been terribly negligent with this blog and am going to put forth a massive effort to keep current. My little peanut is now a hefty 16 lbs! She sits up by herself and started eating solids 2 weeks ago. Her development is falling somewhere in between her real age (8 months) and her adjusted age (5 months). She babbles a lot and her favorite sound is “mamamama” which just melts my heart. She and Paityn have become fast friends and no one can make her smile and laugh the way her sister does. I call on Paityn a lot to cheer Kaitlyn up when she’s upset, which they both love. I am starting a new job in July that will allow me to work 3 days a week which I can’t wait for. Also, have decided to homeschool Paityn come the fall, and she is now in dance and softball. Whew! Was that enough of an update? I’m exhausted just writing about it! đŸ™‚








About lifewiththeperkins

I am a mommy to two beautiful girls, one 3 years old and one 2 months old - recently home from a 2 1/2 month stay in the NICU after being born at 25 weeks gestation. This website is the continuation of life after our caringbridge website documenting our NICU journey. We hope you will enjoy reading our story.

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